The team

The team

Educational support

 Management: François Moury

Responsible for the day-to-day management of the entire residential home:

  • Asset management: building, rolling stock, furniture, etc.
  • Economic management sector: use of funds according to the budget of the Board of Directors.
  • Administrative sector: secretary, mail, reports, formalities, etc,
  • Social sector :
  • Reception and accommodation sector                                      :
  • External relations:
    – Liaison with authorities: Tribunat C.P.A.S., S.A.J., police, O.N.E., A.J., municipal administrations, hospitals, etc.
    – Staff (including trainees and volunteers): recruitment and dismissal, working hours, pay according to the A.A.J., inspection and evaluation of work, etc.
    – Children: group management, pedagogical balance, admissions and departures,  relations with all   persons in contact with the children       
    – General management: reflection and analysis on the overall functioning of the House as an educational enterprise, research, prospects, projects, evaluations, etc… 

 Educational team

  • Made up of 9 team members with a variety of backgrounds (educator, social worker, psychologist).
  • The team  includes both men and women. The educational team operates within the framework of a guardian system.
  • For each child, the director appoints two guardians who work closely      together. Together they are the “linchpin” of the educational programme. They are responsible for the overall care of the child. The social guarantor is more specifically responsible for all matters relating to relations with biological families, therapists and courts. The educational guarantor is responsible for the child’s education in the broadest sense of the term (setting up appropriate educational programmes, emotional and material well-being, etc.). One of the two guardians is also called the school guardian. They are the essential link between the child and their school and will ensure that their schooling runs smoothly.
  • The psychologist is responsible for social care.
  • Head educator: in addition to their work as a teacher, they are responsible for the educational programme.

Management assistant

The secretary acts as the executive secretary: administrative assistant to the director, secretary to the Board of Directors, secretary to the non-profit organisation “Les Amis de la Maison d’accueil”, secretary to the doctor under contract.


 The housekeeping team takes care of cooking, laundry and the maintenance of the premises


A contracted doctor provides medical care in the home.