The friends of Bateau Ivre

The friends of Bateau Ivre


In March 1979, the non-profit organisation “Les Amis de la Maison d’accueil” [friends of the residential home] was created shortly after the opening of Le Bateau Ivre, in order to provide it with financial support and enable it to fulfil its socio-educational mission more easily.

Its main objective is to provide active support to the home by raising funds.

The Friends collect donations at weddings, funerals or by organising sports events or parties for the benefit of the Home.

The Friends also grant interest-free loans.They also take on various practical tasks, thus helping to ensure that the Guest House runs smoothly. This can be accompanying a child to a medical appointment or therapy session, introducing him or her to crafts, drawing, computers, or sending out the “Petite Revue” magazine or invitations to an evening event, or seeking donations for a tombola.