Make a donation

Make a donation

Want to help us achieve our dream?

Our ASBL residential house is supported by the Fédération Wallonie-Bruxelles, and although this funding is essential, it is a long way from covering all the needs of our young residents. Housing 17 children and maintaining the house results in a considerable budget. We are always on the lookout for donors to help improve the quality of life of our kids.

This is why, as you already know, any donation, however small, is essential for us…, whether it takes the form of a standing order, a quarterly donation or an one-off gift.

Tax-deductible donation

* All donations of 40 € and more can be tax exempt, as well as monthly standing orders (if they reach 40 € per year). The ARC EN CIEL Service will send you a tax certificate to enclose with your next tax return for payments made.

Donation without tax deduction

  • 40€ ->You cover the food expenses of a child for a week.
  • 150€ ->You offer an exceptional activity to the whole group of 17 children.
  • 70€ -> You offer a child the chance to go back to school (purchase of a school bag and school supplies).
  • 200€ ->You allow a child to join a sports club and purchase sports equipment for the entire year.

Our audited and detailed accounts are published on the website . The Donorinfo Foundation informs the public in an impartial and transparent way about the activities and financial means of Belgian charity organisations that help people in need at home and abroad.